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The space which is in the back of front desk is our bar area. We decided to name our bar “Social Bar”, because we would like our bar to become a social place where people are of different ages and nationalities, and have different ideas gather and connect to each other.
Wide variety of drinks are available at the bar. You might want to try some drinks that are local selection of kanazawa as well as unique alcohol from all over the world.
Furthermore, we serve some finger foods and snacks which local ingredients are used as an accent.

Hours: 15:00-22:00
Close: Irregular



Who would not like to drink after walking around all day long? Don't you want to top off the evening with having something to drink to recharge your energy?
As a social meeting place, our bar will have you enjoy interaction of people.
Also, we manage an international meetup event on every Friday night which tourists and locals get interact with one another.

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